In the 1970’s, INCO Limited initiated a program in basic energy research.  Using its experience in alloy development, INCO concentrated on solid state hydrogen storage using metal hydrides.  In 1979, INCO formalized their alternative energy development efforts into one company, Ergenics.

Ergenics was spun off as a private company in 1984.  In addition to developing and supplying solid state hydrogen storage systems, Ergenics explored metal hydride applications that used hydrogen as a working fluid, not just an energy source.  The result is a collection of efficient, cost effective technologies ranging from high power, high cycle life nickel hydrogen batteries to electric automobile air conditioners.

Ergenics became the HERA USA subsidiary of HERA, Hydrogen Storage Systems Inc. of Longueuil, Quebec, Canada in 2003.  It was subsequently acquired by its management team in April, 2006. 

Ergenics has a highly qualified staff with extensive experience in electrochemistry, metallurgy and thermodynamics. The Company’s technology is protected by U.S. and foreign patents. Located for many years in Ringwood, NJ, Ergenics is in the process of moving closer to one of its target markets.


helium mass spectrometer

Helium mass spectrometer verifies leak-free construction.