Hydride Heat Pumping

Ergenics has developed technologies that use hydrogen as a working fluid to improve performance, conserve energy, and reduce pollution for a number of applications.  Potential development partners should contact us regarding product commercialization for your market interests.

Cold Start Heater

When a metal hydride absorbs hydrogen, heat is given off. Ergenics has developed a hydride Cold Start Heater that instantly heats an automobile's catalytic converter when the car is started to dramatically reduce overall exhaust pollution up to 80%. This technology can be used for other quick heat applications such as passenger compartment heating on cold winter days. For details, click here.

Metal Hydride Air Conditioner

Heat is required for the release of hydrogen from a metal hydride. When the hydride takes its heat from ambient temperature air, the cooling effect of air conditioning is provided. Ergenics has constructed several hydride air conditioners which are powered solely by waste heat, operate passively and do not contain ozone-damaging Freon.  Cycles for use in water chillers and window air conditioning have been developed. For details, click here.