Solar Powered Hydride Water Pump

water pump Based on the ability of reversible metal hydride alloys to compress hydrogen, this hydride water pump uses the energy from solar heated water to operate a well in Del Rio, Texas.

Hydride heat engines use the heat from hot water to compress hydrogen.  The hydrogen is then expanded through a magnetically coupled piston to produce usable work. 

Energy for this hydride water pump is supplied by hot water-type solar collectors.  The hot water passes through a hydride heat exchanger, causing the alloy to release hydrogen at elevated pressure.  The compressed hydrogen enters a vertical cylinder where it moves a piston.  During the upward stroke of the piston, water is pumped up from the well and passes through the hydride heat exchanger to provide cooling before it is used.  During the downward stroke, an electric generator is rotated, producing the electrical power that operates the hot water circulating pump and recharges a 12 volt battery needed for early morning start up.


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